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Your life-time Mental Health support for the Real-world and Metaverse

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VOS NFT Drops Road Map

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VOS NFT Distribution

Supplymint startmint
Drop #111112 / 20210,035 ETHSold Out
Drop #29991 april / 20220,050 ETHOpen
Drop #31.999Q2 / 20220,060 ETHComing
Next drop will be announced on Discord
This is not just an art

Meet Your VOS Pet

VOS NFT series put the spotlight on mental health. Each VOS NFT is a unique 3D animal guarding lifetime mental health support. Each Pet has a range of benefits and uses.

Mint Drop #2
0,050 ETH

Mint Drop #2

Unique animals

Unique animals

Token base
ERC 721

Token base


Unique pieces

Vos NFT Pets
Vos NFT pets
VOS Health NFT

Wellbeing space that works all day

Access the VOS App - a complex safe space for your mental health and mind to grow stronger. Developed by mental health experts & psychologists.

Personal Wellbeing plan

Personal Wellbeing plan

Track your mood & write journal

Track your mood & write journal

Grow your mind

Grow your mind

Talk with experts

Talk with experts

VOS app


Wellbeing app

Get unlimited Premium access to VOS app
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Therapeutics techniques


people have mental health issues
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Future of the project

Metaverse ready

VOS health is willing to build the first mental wellbeing space in metaverse; we will bring digital interventions into VR and we will host events.Of course, each holder will get their unique 3D avatar in the metaverse.

VOS NFT Road Map

Collect VOS Pet NFT
  • All Holders get a Premium VOS Pet NFT Avatar with full IP Rights
  • Access to premium VOS NFT Holders community
VOS Premium access
  • All holders will be able to claim unlimited lifetime access to VOS Premium
  • All holders can access lifetime 1on1 chat with mental health experts
200x free pass to Online Therapy
  • 200 randomly selected holders get a free pass to Online Therapy
  • 5 special mental health events online/offline events for all holders with world-class psychologists & experts
Spread the Mental Health awareness
  • We run billboard campaigns in major cities
  • Listing on Rarity tools
Schools tour
  • We organize a tour with MentalHealth Experts around 10 schools to educate the young generation about Mental Health
  • We will provide free VOS Premium access for selected 50 schools and all their students
Smart Watch App
  • We start the development of the smartest wellbeing companion for Watch OS
  • We organize Wellbeing conference (All VOS Pet NFT Holders get Free Access)
Wellbeing store
  • We open a VOS Wellbeing store
  • We produce VOS merch and wellness gadgets
20,000 USD for NFT Holders
  • 20,000 USD in ETH randomly Airdropped back to VOS Pet NFT Holders
  • We send 50,000 USD to support the Mental Health Research Organisations
Company growth
  • We start building a Wellbeing place in The Sandbox & Metaverse
  • We continue to create a complex Mental Health company for everyone and bring new interventions and treatments

Holder Benefits

VOS NFT Pet(s)

Get your unique VOS Pet(s) living on the ETH blockchain. Some are rarer than others, but you can decide how you’ll use them. Designed by Samuel Briskar & Jan Stancl.

  • Full IP rights for your minted VOS Pet(s)
  • Only you can use your Pet as the unique avatar in VOS app, Social media,...

VOS app Lifetime Premium access

VOS is used by more than 400,000+ people worldwide. By holding our NFT, you can join the community and enjoy the Premium access benefits.

  • Lifetime Premium access to VOS app for you and one of your friend
  • Unlimited MentalHealth chat with psychologist experts

Premium VOS community & Events

With us, you’re never alone. No matter what happens, our community supports each other and holds regular events to share knowledge and experience.

  • Access to Premium VOS community & Events - Online & Offline
  • Close connection with VOS team in private Discord
  • Be part of team and be able to impact & vote for the future of the product

Early access to all VOS Products

Our visions never stop. We’ll be growing and launching new products on the market to help people prevent mental health issues and you’ll get access to them the fastest.

  • Early access to all VOS Products
  • Special benefits/discounts on future VOS Products
  • Custom VOS products

VOS NFT Whales owner

Do you own more than 20 VOS NFT? We are preparing something special for investors.

  • Personal connection with VOS team founders
  • You will get special bonuses from VOS company growth
  • You can present your brand on the future VOS events
  • You get special gift from VOS Team
  • You can select & support organisation who will get free VOS Premium license

Do you own VOS NFT?

Informations for holders

A safe space for your mental health and mind to grow stronger.

VOS NFT you can mint here will unlock you lifetime access to the mental health support and app’s premium functions. As well as a unique 3D avatar designed by Samule Briskar & Jan Stancl and much more.

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Our team

Meet the VOS Team

Our team is a powerful mix of mental health professionals and tech enthusiasts, where one person is often both. Together we develop, design, and innovate to provide you with a digital safe space for your mind. is a place where state-of-the-art technology helps your mind grow stronger. Our goal is to provide you with all the necessary tools to improve your mental wellbeing and overall happiness.

We have offices in Prague and San Francisco

About team
VOS teamVOS team

Get your #1 Wellbeing NFT

Frequently asked questions

1. Download and install a Chrome browser plugin called MetaMask. This will allow websites (that you authorize) to access your Ethereum account.

2. If you have just created a new MetaMask account, buy some Ethereum. The MetaMask plugin has a button that will allow you to buy directly from Coinbase. Alternatively, if you already have Ethereum in one of your wallets you can transfer it to Metamask.

3. Once you have the plugin installed, you can click on “Mint now” buttons and connect your Metamask. When the connection is successful, this website will recognize it and add buttons that allow you to buy VOS Pet NFT directly in the interface.

4. For example, you can mint a VOS Pet NFT in the public sale or you can buy on the OpenSea marketplace for the respective market value at that time.

The Mint price at the public sale will be 0.06 ETH.

Minting will be available through our official website and smart contract address ONLY. Always check the domain before minting and do not use links from people who you do not know.

Altogether, there will be 3 consecutive drops of the VOS NFT. The First drop will go live on December 20th and during the first drop, there will be only 111 VOS Pets available for the mint.

In Drop 2 we’ll release 1,889 VOS Pets and finish with Drop 3 of the last 7,999 pieces. Release dates of Drop 2 and Drop 3 TBD.

All of the VOS NFTs will be revealed approx. 3 days after public sale.

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